Good Evaluation

I had my evaluation yesterday.  Have so say, never had one done so efficiently.  I had a preconference to discuss WHAT I would be teaching and what the evaluator should expect to see.  Discussed what I was hoping to get out of it (A FIRST) as well as a very hearty — don’t worry if I’m not there right on time, teach your class as you normally would.  The evaluator NEVER ONCE got on the phone or strayed from paying attention to what was going on in class.  THEN, THEN I got my debrief the same day! Miraculous.  Seriously.

I was asked how I felt it went and would I make any changes.  While there were things I didn’t anticipate (misspelled words in my Power Point) or items I didn’t consider with teaching 1st person versus 3rd person narration, I wouldn’t change it.  Those mistakes made way for some very honest “teachable” moments. Basically I felt good about the lesson.  I felt the students “got” what I was trying to teach them.  Plus I was frontloading them so I’ll teach it again.

I received all effectives or highly effectives (yeah!  I still like a “good” report card).  Essentially, except for informal walk-throughs (which, in my mind, should be done all the time) I’m done for the year.  It went so well, I’m still in awe.  Apparently I also got the “hard” evaluator.  I have to say, preparation and building community helped make this an awesome lesson.  It’s inspired me to do this kind of thing more often, rather than using it as a “dog and pony” show.

Now, wish me luck.  I have a field trip tomorrow and it’s going to rain.  UGH!


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