OMG–I’m 17 again!

Today I went to the book store to get Keb some new Garfield books.  He reads them voraciously and was in need of new ones.  I caught myself looking at the gossip rags (Us, Life and Style, In Touch).  Now Taed, being fiscally responsible and also quite attuned to my needs, actually subscribes me to the stuff that he can get at a reasonable price.  Life and Style, however, is quite pricey.  It’s also, as much as I hate to admit it, almost EXACTLY the same as In Touch.

I almost grabbed it, but then I saw Bop Magazine behind it.  Oh my…  It was one of the things I spent money on EVERY week in high school.  Seriously, I’m guessing I easily spent $5K on crappy magazines all for one stupid picture of Duran Duran (or even one member, even if it was Andy and he really wasn’t cute, or manly, or handsome, OK he’s a troll, but still…) or some other band I was into.

They were so cute...

They were so cute...

I did not even reach for the magazine.  It was that powerful of a memory as to what I was doing.  SCARY.

Maybe now that I’ve taken the first step (identifying the problem), I can actually seek to overcome it.  But I doubt it…


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