Spaulding Gray

A million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and I first moved to California, I was aquainted with this woman named Karen Kay.  She asked me about going to see Spaulding Gray, a performance artist slash…  I went because at that time I was willing to do such things. 🙂

When we got there, we were to write a question on a sheet of paper.  I recalled this ongoing debate that had started with some man I know.  One stated that the perfect woman was “beautiful, intelligent and a w%*re in bed.”  What evolved from that was my asking IF this is the perfect woman, which characteristic would you allow to be “missing” in an imperfect woman?  One man said beauty because it was overrated and faded with age.  Another said intelligence (interesting because he prided himself in this department). One more said sex, because while enjoyable, the other two were more important.

So I put this down as the question to Spaulding Gray.  During his entire performance he would answer the questions.  Mine didn’t come up until the end.  Apparently it had given him pause.  He went through all the possible scenarios, but concluded that most beautiful woman aren’t intelligent — that intelligence comes from adversity.  He didn’t think a w%*ore could be beautiful because of the nature of the work and she certainly couldn’t be intelligent because she’d have a better job. (I think he read it literally for the sake of the performance).  He concluded there is no such thing as a perfect woman.

This came back to me as I was reflecting on my current position.  Is there a perfect job?  Probably not.  However, what are you willing to compromise for your less-than-perfect job?  I think that’s the crossroad that I have come to.  I have no answer, again, but it’s an interesting enough concept to roll around in my brain anyway.


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