Really Interesting Article

*NOTE:  I do a lot of direct copying from the text.  This is not all “me.”

I am always fascinated by other points of view: it makes me clarify my own thinking; sometimes I change my mind; and usually I get a feel for what the other side is thinking. It’s a good thing to get out of your comfort zone and see what’s happening elsewhere.

As people who read this blog regularly are aware, we get A LOT of reading materials into our house.  I like to say we are the poster children for “print rich environments.”  That said, I don’t often read “Taed’s magazines.”  This morning I ran across his Scientific American.  I picked it, thumbed through it, and found: The Christian Man’s Evolution. Subtitled: A geneticist as a Dominican priest, Francicso J. Ayala, sees no conflict between Darwinism and faith.  Convincing most of the Amerian public of that remains the challenge.

His idea is that Darwinism resolves the paradox in Christianity of how a loving creator can allow suffering and evil.  He feels that rather than choosing sides, religion and science should come together to allow a more complex view of God, one who is continuously engaged in the creative process through natural selection.  His goal is to allow people to be allowed to have their faith and not see it as incompatible with science.

What I found most interesting, buried in the last paragraph, was that he himself is unwilling to affirm or deny a personal belief in God.  Regardless of what side of the debate you lie, this is worth a read.


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