More Gossip

David Duchovy (remember him) is suing some English magazine for printing that he had an affair with some tennis player.  Oh the sweet irony.  Really, if not some tennis player than some stripper?  Or is this some new-age method of addiction where you don’t really enter REHAB for participating in the addiction but in thinking about participating with the addiction.  Either he was spanking the monkey A LOT while downloading “etchings” from the internet or he was playing horizontal twister with someone.

The way I see it.  DD: “I DID NOT have an affair with a tennis player.  It was with a tasteful exotic dancer and her 20 best girlfriends.  This is just slander.  I don’t have to put up with this.”

I have to say if I were his missus, I would sell stories linking him to EVERYONE — just for spite and entertainment.

I’m thinking this is the reason no one famous married me and George Takei didn’t invite me to his wedding. 🙂  I amuse myself, that’s really all that matters.


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