Damn Cat

The cat (Amelia) is rubbing her head against my arm.  Before she was walking on the computer.  She NEEDS to be loved and it NEEDS to be now.  Damn it!  She just bit me! What kind of dysfunctional messed up love is this?  Why am I submitting.  Oh yes, because she’s persistant and wore me down.  Ow! Damn it!  That’s it!  I’m going to kill her. OUCH.  Apparently I’m being conditioned and so not getting the message.

This sucks.  I’m dumber than my cat.

I’m going to pet her so she’ll leave me alone.  Guess which one of us won…

DAMN IT!  I’m coming!  Petting is not working.  Now she’s digging her back claws into me.  What was I thinking?


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