Surprisingly Good Day

Teachers have staff development days.  Usually we just suck them up and endure them as some sort of painful right of teaching passage.  As a rule I consider them the tapeworm of teaching.  They don’t kill you, but they’re not usually pleasant.

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised.  We had Dr. William McBride (Dr. Billy) who works on engagement strategies for grages 4-12.  He was FUN!  He actually had a slide in his presentation on girls’ versus boys’ brains that had a baby boy holding his penis!  It was great.  Of course he had a little girl with makeup, a cell phone and a credit card.  Equal opportunity for everyone.

He was completely engaging, gave us stuff to chew on, involved us in what we were learning, and thus modeled really great teaching strategies.  Hell, if I weren’t married and he was wanting to be saddled with a hag younger than he, well… We could be friends! 🙂

So props go to Eileen Sargent, Melinda Waller, and Nico Flores for respecting us as professionals and bringing good and interesting staff development to someone who was feeling cynical, sarcastic, and not positive.  It was the right thing at the right time.

Thank the Gods!


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