End Run

The interesting thing about being annoyed with something is that the reason isn’t always so readily apparent.  This come up this week with an educational institution that I “volunteer” my time with.

When I arrived at the meeting, I was surprised to see green voting cards.  I wasn’t sure what was up with that, but I DIDN’T ASK.  It seemed weird, but not weird simulteneously if that makes any sense. As the meeting wore on (and wear it did) and meandered around what I think is important to our task, it came up that we needed to discuss an “issue”.  Well that issue was controversial.  What I thought was odd was that it was NEVER mentioned on our agenda or beforehand that a vote would be up, although, ALLEGEDLY, that’s what “new business” is for.

The information given by the “in” people of the organization to “answer” the call but not to “sway” us, was never given out for our review.  It wasn’t forwarded as emails for us to review, share with the people we represent, or even consider.  It was held LITERALLY close to the chest of the person giving it.  The person then gave a loosely connected “past practice”.

Seriously, by the time it was done and passed, I felt sick to my stomach with the proceedings. Yet, it wasn’t until I put together all of the evidence that I realized we were hit with an end run.  It was all manipulated beforehand, with emotions running high, and at the end of the meeting when people are WORN OUT and uncaring.  I want to kick myself in my own a&& for being so ignorant.  Yet, how do you accuse in a public meeting?

It’s done.  It’s over.  C’est la vie.  Still, it makes me realize that I’m not really cut out for politics.  I now see EXACTLY how the 9/11 war with Iraq started.  I can see every move clearly and every mechanism.  I can see the deals being made and the greater good sacrificed.

I can’t decide what I feel.  None of it’s good, though…


One thought on “End Run

  1. David Silva says:

    You nailed it. I thought I knew who the man was, but there was a man behind the man. Fuckin A, do I feel used.

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