7 Deadly Sins?

OK, I have MORE envy.  A teacher friend I worked with at Burnett moved north to Redding about a million years ago.  I found her on Facebook while I was trolling for new friends.  (Some people have SO many (more, more envy?)  I’m in serious need of a 12-step program! For envy and parethetical use.)  She sent me a note letting me know that she was laid off and is now subbing.  However, she makes >3x a sub’s pay (basically per diem) for her day.  I was SO envious.  Imagine, getting to teach but not having to deal with plans, checking, assessing, NCLB, parents.  OMG.  Sure, no community, but no responsibility either.  It’s like being some baby’s daddy.

Well once I realized I had more envy, then I had to consider that I’d been pretty lazy lately.  There are a lot of things that need to be done.  I fear that I’ve fallen into sloth.  Hell, for dinner I ate canned soup and popcorn.  I haven’t been to the store.  I haven’t done laundry.  The house needs cleaned.  The backyard needs to be picked up before rain comes.  I have papers to sort and grade.  I’m sure there’s more.

Then there’s gluttony.  That was yesterday’s plunge into cookies and cake.  Mind you, I FINALLY really nailed good cookies.  They were thin, crispy, chewy and buttery.  They were FANTASTIC and I got loads of compliments on them (great… pride.  I hadn’t counted on that!).  The other was a pumpkin pie cake.  I need to put the recipe here because it’s easy to make and quite good.  Generally if people like pumpkin, they like this.  It’s like an insane Paula Deen recipe, there’s a cup of butter, pecans, pumpkin and sweetened condensed milk.  I ate 3 large pieces.

Hmmm.  Seems to me I need some sort of clergy here.

If you know me, lust is a daily thing.  Hell, the weirdest thing happened regarding this.  There is this checkout dude at our local Pack and Save.  Always friendly, pretty nice guy.  Yesterday he noticed that my hair was lighter.  Then he told me I looked younger (has he been watching some sort of pick-up artist show).  I generally brushed it off with thank you and it helps to look younger.  He then said I couldn’t be very old, to which I told him I had at least a decade on him.  So we compared ages.  The dude is 26!  I think he needs some serious glasses ’cause I have old lady hands (I’ll have to upload a picture of my knarly-knobbed ugly mutant hands). So I didn’t have lust for him, but apparently he has it for me.  Or he’s gay.  Gay men like me.  Maybe he’s just on the look-out for a new hag.  Man, now I feel bad.

So far I’ve managed to stay away from wrath and greed. Although I like Star Wars Trek: The Wrath of Kahn and I believe we’re living out the messed up results of the fantasies from the Greed is Good generation.

All in all, not too shabby as far as sinning goes.  Hey, did anyone notice that I could have been working on the housework while I was blogging.  So is that sloth or pride?


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