Control Freak Pain

SIGH.  I’m sitting here “supervising” ceramics.  Basically my job is to be in the room, but out of the way.  The teacher is an amazing ceramics teacher –she knows her stuff.  During our hour, the students have accomplished very little.  I know that this was Ms. Kathryn’s plan because she told me, “Please don’t say anything to them.  I want to see what they do.”   They kept asking her if they could do x or y.  She would say, “Yes, as soon as the class is seated and in control.”  I don’t know if they really got the message. I did.  I really do understand that she is showing them the natural consequence (not being able to do free projects in ceramics) if they don’t control themselves.  It was just SO HARD FOR ME TO SIT THERE LISTENING TO THE NOISE AND WATCHING THEM GOOF OFF! It was hard to control me wanting to take over and remake the world in my image.

Consequently I have a really bad headache.  I just want to crawl into bed and sleep.  I can’t do that ’cause I have 3 hour hours to teach.  I guess I’ll swallow some Excedrin and eat lunch instead.


One thought on “Control Freak Pain

  1. justaglimpse says:

    Sometimes I hate logical consequences. They only work if the kids realize what is going on.

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