Stupid Stuff

This is enough to make a liberal with common sense turn into dogmatic right winger on a dime.  Today I was told that it’s against our school culture to take away special classes from students as a punishment because they deserve those classes.  Excuse me?  You have an out of control child who DESERVES something?  A child who isn’t responsible or respectful who DESERVES something?  Did I miss something or did that crazy-ass aspect of giving every child a trophy because he or she showed up (when a ribbon or a certificate would suffice) just spill over into an area where SOCIETY expects me to SOCIALIZE the occasional heathen?  Again, WTF!  My eye is still twitching.

I’m thinking that this might just account for the Untouchable Generation tag they’ve been labeled.  Since when did we as adults become afraid of children?

I’m telling you that I am NOT going to like the day when I see Nero fiddling.  We keep up this kind of craziness, it will come a lot SOONER than we think.

Can’t take away what they like to do best… UGH!


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