Curious Thing to Say

Tuesdays are our “short” days.  From 8:10-10:10 I work with Cohort A, then there is “brunch”, and from 10:45-12:45 I work with Cohort B.  Now I’ve been trying really hard not to call them “my” kids.  I worry that people will assume that Rob doesn’t work with them and they are my students ONLY.  Rob tends to call them my class and your class.  He’s not the only one, everyone does it (it took a while for them to get that we need BOTH rosters).  For the record, I have Cohort A for 1-4 hours per day and Cohort B for 2 hours.  Rob has Cohort B for 1-4 hours and Cohort A for 2 hours.  The missing “hour” is P.E. on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Occasionally Rob and I will complain about the cohorts (we’re starting to bond, which is a good thing).  Ironically (or not) I find Cohort B harder to deal with and he has issues with Cohort A.  I find many students in Cohort B mouthy and unfocused.  They’re nice, but not really fun or provocative.  Rob finds Cohort A students to be snotty with the air of my fecal matter don’t stink.  He thinks they act too good to work. While  we like all the kids, we just prefer our “own” (read the ones we start our day with).

Well apparently the kids do too (prefer their “own”).  Today, as we were cleaning up to go to brunch and move classes, J started in on me.  “Do we have to go to Mr. Doss’s?” he whined.  I asked what was wrong with that because they had to learn science and math.  Then he started with, “Can’t you teach those?” To which I said, yes.  Then the REST of them started in.  I tried to remind them that they like Mr. Doss.  Well that romance is over.  Apparently what they really want is for me to teach everything, to leave their stuff in the desks, and for them not to have to go to Mr. Doss’s hot room (his AC is the pits; it’s forever being fixed, poor guy.  Imagine heat in the p.m. with sweaty teenagers!  UGH!) to learn about science and math which, they feel, he teaches in a boring, quiet way. His class is TOO quiet.

I actually think that Rob is STRICTER than I am so they are not liking that (he holds them after school A LOT).  I’m pleased as punch after having been the mean one for years.  I hold students, too.  I just hold members of Cohort B.

You know, I’m sensing a pattern here…

One thought on “Curious Thing to Say

  1. justaglimpse says:

    My theory for years is that our class becomes a reflection of our own personality. 🙂

    This would be a very interesting study…

    On another note, why do the kids have to change teachers? Would it affect their learning? scores? attitude toward school?

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