@ Me

I’d seen this some time ago on my friend, Cassie’s, blog.  I had actually done this for Taed and Keb, but not myself.  It’s time to consider if I can think of 100 things about myself.

1.  I am somewhat conflicted about the idea of God.  Most days I’m an atheist.  Some days, I’ll willing to cop to agnosticism because truly I’m saying *I* don’t believe in a God not that there isn’t one.  More like, how can you know.  At my most optimistic, I’m a deist.  Either way I suck at the religion thing.

2.  However, I can say that I’m obsessed with religion.  It is one of the key definers in who I am as a person.

3.  In retrospect, I’m pretty happy with my parents.

4.  I am the youngest child of a his, hers, and ours situation. Although I have 5 siblings, I only claim 2.

5.  My father died in 1988.  It was during finals week.

6.  I attended a teaching college and never once considered getting a degree in teaching.

7.  I feel very fortunate that my husband loves me despite myself.

8.  My husband is straight-up an inspiration to me — he has a lot of honesty, integrity, and drive.

9.  I teach self-contained 6th grade and love it.

10.  I am a better resource finder than teacher.

11. When I decide I’m done with something, I’m amazingly unreliable.

12.  I love the process of growing older and wiser.

13.  I am vain and don’t love the physical process of aging.

14.  I am very self-reflective.

15.  I actually observe the Sabbath and do precious little on Saturdays.

16.  I used to think I was pretty, but now I realize that I’m left of plain.

17.  I don’t have crushes on pretty boys or men.  I prefer someone who has a face with a view.

18.  I say that I’m a California girl now, but I realize I only mean my little area of California.

19.  I don’t care for dogs as pets — too much work.

20.  I realize I have issues with commitment and responsibility.  I actually cannot imagine being someone’s “everything” simply because of the amount of work that goes into making that person happy.

21.  I am outgoing and shy.  :) It depends on the situation.

22.  I need to be alone for at least an hour every day.  I don’t know why, but you can tell if I haven’t.

23.  I generally love to exercise, but go through spurts when I don’t do it.  I always feel awful.

24.  I waste a lot of time on the computer.

25.  I don’t like to do housework, so I don’t.  Taed does more than I do.  I feel guilty about it.

26.  We’ve had Amelia, our cat, for the longest time.

27.  I really want my house redecorated, but I don’t want to do it.

28.  I love baking and wish I could make a living off of it.

29.  I can be quite difficult, demanding, and unforgiving.

30.  I do not suffer fools gladly.

31.  I’d love to be paid for blogging, but I don’t want to do the work involved in seeing if that could happen.

32.  I love teaching, but I don’t always love what I have to teach.

33.  I am old-fashioned about a lot of things.

34.  I believe that it’s our job every day to make life better in some way.

35.  I have a hard time sitting unless I’m at the computer or reading.

36.  I clean my garage every summer.

37.  I am self-reflective.

38.  I spend more money on books for my classroom.  It’s like crack.

39. I never once thought I’d be married or a mom.  Now I can’t imagine my life without both.  I wish I’d started earlier.

40.  I have trust issues and have a hard time letting people get close to me.

41.  I have a nasty temper.

42.  I am more judgemental than I like.

43.  I love the ocean, but not in that weird dolphin way that a lot of people do.

44.  Age has made me nicer and more tolerant.  I’m more willing to consider other perspectives.

45.  I believe in the power of a well-executed apology as way of mending the past and moving forward.

46.  I am very engaging in the classroom.

47.  Purple is usually my favorite color, but I’ve come to love orange.

48.  I’m highly sentimental and prefer receiving used objects of familial importance over shiny, new stuff.

49.  Sometimes I wish I had a “real” wedding ring, but mostly I’m happy with my 3 silver rings on my left hand.

50.  I have big feet, size 11 or 12.

51.  I hate having to do any sort of after school intervention.

52.  I love music but hate concerts.  I have issues with crowds.

53.  I wish we had one really nice family picture of the 3 of us — just once.

54.  I love to read out loud.

55.  I love the idea of Iowa, but not of Iowa itself.

56.  When I was younger, I wanted to own a sheep/goat ranch in Montana where I would sell wool and milk.

57.  I also wanted to live in Maine, on the coast.

58.  I hate traveling; although I love being in different places.

59.  I carry a lot of anger and resentment towards members of my extended family over things that happened more than 30 years ago.  Apparently my inner child needs its inner ass kicked.

60.  I didn’t want to go to college.  I wanted to just take time off.  I’m so happy my parents forced me to do it.

61.  I “failed” graduate school.  Even now it’s hard to explain how I wasn’t able to make it in LIBRARY SCIENCE.  That said, I wouldn’t go back.

62.  While I love 6th grade social studies, I hate 6th grade science.

63.  I’m surprised I don’t have any tattoos.  I’ve often thought of getting one, but then I realized that I don’t want to commit to it.

64.  I love breakfast foods.  They are seriously my favorite.  I wish Jamba Juice served oatmeal all day.

65.  I am seriously addicted to diet soda.  I’m thinking this is a problem.

66.  I regret not seeing the special in my husband the first time around.  Then again, would we have made it or did I have to go through stupid to see it?

67.  I send Christmas cards to my students through the mail because I feel that’s the most special way to receive them.

68.  I am estranged from my siblings.

69.  I have a very sarcastic and defined sense of humor.

70.  I’m not afraid to speak my mind–usually.

71. If I were more secure, I’d love to try being a stand up comedian.

72.  I get motion sickness so easily I can’t even play video games.

73.  I think Oprah is a bit of a scam.

74.  I am not tolerant of people who play the victim.

75.  I never had braces.  I don’t think I missed out even with my snaggle tooth.

76.  I have always secretly loved paper dolls.

77.  I didn’t become financially responsible until I was with Taed.

78.  I love getting mail.

79.  I try not to get sucked into my own myths about my past and my life.

80.  I have 5 watches.  One is at work, just in case I forget.

81.  I stopped giving blood when I was pregnant with Keb and have never remembered to start up again.

82.  I’m OK with dying, but I’d really like the chance to sort out my crap first.

83.  I actually loved the Palm Springs area more than I thought I would.

84.  I don’t like to shower on weekends.  I think it’s over-rated.

85.  I have ZERO patience for arrogance and people who “don’t care”.

86.  I wish I had a big fancy bed with all the crap on it.  I don’t know why.

87.  I cannot, for the life of me, put together anything for IKEA with those damned picture directions!

88.  I have a very vivid fantasy life.

89. I have lots of dreams, but I don’t do the work to turn them into goals.

90.  I really just like to talk — is there a job for that?

91.  I hate being touched by strangers so consequently I don’t engage in manicures, pedicures or massages.

92.  I am so a morning person in terms of my energy.  I just don’t want you to talk to me.

93.  I would love to have my nails red 24/7 for the rest of my life.

94.  I do not like to be bothered after school for school related stuff.  I can talk kids, politics, people, and ice cream.  Not shop, however.

95.  I read a lot of magazines, but not so many books.

96.  I’m very passionate about what I do, but I often question my effectiveness.

97.  I love a good long walk, but not hikes.

98.  I’m a lot more introverted than anyone EVER thinks.

99.  I’m not crazy about nature.

100.  I think life is too short.


One thought on “@ Me

  1. sekar dewi says:

    This is a great list. You inspire me.

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