@ Keb

I have a page for my husband, so I thought I’d try one for Keb.

  1. He’s very sweet and snuggly.
  2. He’s amazingly sentimental and gets his feelings hurt easily.
  3. He’s loyal to his friends, very loyal, even when it isn’t returned.
  4. Unfortunately, he doesn’t suffer fools gladly.
  5. He has the ability to be an amazingly gifted artist. However.
  6. He’s not always open to feedback or new ideas  because
  7. He has a stubborn streak like you cannot believe!
  8. His imagination is rich and varied.
  9. He loves to sing and hum, which drives his teacher (probably teachers) crazy.  Sometimes it has that effect on his parents.
  10. Having him was the best decision Taed and I ever made. I guess this really isn’t about him.
  11. He has HUGE feet.  I hope he grows into them height-wise.
  12. Sometimes his mouth and need to be right gets him into trouble.
  13. He’s very outgoing at home and with his friends, but he’s shy in new situations.
  14. He has a strong point of view and good taste in clothes/jewelry.
  15. He has thrown good money after bad on various card collections — Pokemon, Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh!
  16. He eschews ALL manners of organized sports which include the use of balls.
  17. His hands are amazingly calloused from the monkey bars.
  18. He’s really nice with his friend, Zack’s, younger sister Bizzy.
  19. He wishes he had an older brother.
  20. He’s still at that age where he likes things because they are cute.
  21. He gives me little gifts — cards, McDonald’s toys, various little things.
  22. He hasn’t had his hair cut in a long time.  He’s now totally against it so
  23. People think he looks like a girl but
  24. He was the only boy singing “Hair” who looked the part.
  25. He likes to kick it and watch old school cartoons with me.  Mostly we watch Bugs Bunny, but we watch Tom and Jerry too.
  26. He’s simultaneously mature and immature.  He can be very mature (precocious) with adults, but incredibly immature (insecure) with his peer group.
  27. He says he prefers being with me, but he spends most of his free time with Taed.
  28. He’s very, very, very good at strategy games.
  29. His allowance is $10  a week.  He’s now getting more chores to earn it.
  30. He’s a pretty good swimmer.
  31. His favorite food is macaroni and cheese.
  32. He still likes us to read to him before he goes to bed.
  33. He has to be reminded to do all of his morning/night things.  He has “forgotten” to take his breathing medicine.
  34. He has allergy-induced asthma.
  35. He is allergic to dogs, cats, birds, mold, mildew, and probably many other things I’ve since forgotten.  It’s really hard to get people to understand that this means he IS allergic to YOUR dog because there are NO hyper-allergenic dogs.  He’s not allergic to fur, he’s allergic to the enzyme in an animal’s saliva.   BTW, this also isn’t ever about clean, but thank you for suggesting it.
  36. He is totally into Yu-Gi-Oh cards.
  37. He nags us about giving him money to buy Yu-Gi-Oh cards.
  38. He eats cheeseburgers occasionally, which is really funny considering that I don’t cook mammals.
  39. He plays D&D with his Dad on Saturdays.
  40. He chews with his mouth full — very annoying.
  41. He likes gum — Cassie got him hooked on it.
  42. His bedroom looks like a tornado tore through it.
  43. He’s really mad at me for writing this list, mostly because it’s true. (Which he didn’t like, I don’t know why, because it’s TRUE!)
  44. He calls me WOMAN all the time.
  45. He loves Amelia which is odd because she doesn’t necessarily return his affection.
  46. He doesn’t believe in God; he does, however, believe in the Big Bang.
  47. Keb uses beeps and euphemisms to “swear” like that isn’t the same thing.
  48. He doesn’t like it when his Dad nags him.
  49. He doesn’t swear at Taed, but only because he doesn’t want to lose his allowance, not because it’s being DISRESPECTFUL or anything.
  50. He keeps saying to me, “That’s MEAN!”  Uh, duh!
  51. He enjoys and understands Tosh.O more than he should.
  52. He’s exceptionally gifted in math, which makes his inability (or unwillingness) to pass a timed test positively frustrating.
  53. He likes pancakes A LOT.
  54. He doesn’t think his dad’s teasing is funny.
  55. Apparently school is a misery for him.
  56. Keb likes to prove that he is the best at something.
  57. He can and often is a very sore loser.
  58. He enjoys origami and creating new designs.
  59. He HATES any and all manner of writing — from simple copying for practicing penmanship to full-fledged creative or expository writing.  It’s like pulling teeth.
  60. He can, and often does, spell well when we’re together.  However, his spelling on lessons is atrocious.
  61. He used to be into airplanes, trains, and Star Wars.
  62. He watches YouTube WAY too much.  His usage needs to be “monitored.”
  63. His diet is comprised primarily of “c” foods — candy, cakes, crackers, chips, cookies, etc.  In short, he likes junk food.
  64. He likes to pretend that he remembers to turn off lights when others leave the room, but that’s not always the case.
  65. Tends to fall asleep while he’s reading, thus leaving his light on during the night.
  66. Has a very strange creative streak.  He tends to want to make things like candy or to paint at 8:00.
  67. His favorite color is black.  It used to be something else.  However, now he’s into being “goth”.  Not really.
  68. His favorite animal is the cat.  Of course, he can’t have a dog because he’s allergic.
  69. He doesn’t care for socks and prefers to wear shoes without them.
  70. His feet can be mighty, mighty smelly when he does this.
  71. He says that he’s “large”.
  72. He likes Jerome as a person, but doesn’t want to Jazzercise.
  73. When he has money, he wants to spend it badly.
  74. He likes some weird movie called, Naussica: Valley of the Wind.  I have NO idea what this movie is like.
  75. He’s been singing “Hey Soul Sister” for the past 2 weeks.
  76. Pokemon is the obsession he’s had the longest.
  77. Is like his mom in that he hates cockroaches.
  78. However, he can be paid to (try to) kill them for his mom, not that he’s a very good assassin.  He tends to try to drop rocks on them, unsuccessfully.
  79. He used to love Gwen Stefani’s “Rich Girl”.  I think he’d find that embarrassing now.
  80. He tends to make sounds like a dying, engorged, suffocating dolphin being violated by a T-Rex.

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